Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Etowah Edge Cruiser M-1

As the day drew to an end, the office helper had surprised me with a package
inbound from the US.Its my first knife for the year and it also held a very special meaning to me as I celebrate my 41st birthday tomorrow.The knife, made by James Sanders of Etowah Edge in Georgia, USA, was a much anticipated edged tool which I have ordered in November last year.I was amazed with the fit, finish and overall construction of this awesome blade.Not only the thickness of the knife had blown me away, its kydex sheath was so
well made, I can only say that there will be more projects with the maker.To me, the appeal on Mr Sander's Cruiser M-1 is its simplicity and functionality.I am very impressed with the quality in terms of fit and finish on this blade. The pricing too was awesome as the knife was entirely handmade by the maker.In the months to come, the Cruiser will see some action. So, stay tuned for some in-depth review...

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