Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Year end projects

My Digital SLR camera is barely a month old and I am loving every single minute
of utilising it.I guess that it was a good move as I had two of my close-up photography work
published.One was a feature article on macro photography and the other was a backpage
photo on the 'Thousand Words' page on Star Metro.Working with the lenses, I also realised the shortcomings of a 50mm compact
macro lens.With a 1.6x crop factor on my EOS7D's APS-C image sensor, the focal length that
I am getting is roughly about 80mm.This works well with medium and large sized insects.Anything smaller than 10mm would be harder to capture on the camera.That said, I have placed an order for an EF lifesize extender.This would take some time to deliver as the accessory is expected to arrive in late
February.Over on the horizon, I can forsee an upgrade to the full-frame EOS5DmkII and a
100mm f2.8L macro lens.So, there's plenty of saving up to do as well as money to be made from publishing
travel and photo journals on the Star.
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