Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The new car

My wife and I had visited a Toyota dealership over the weekend.She ordered a new car which was allocated to her by her company.Every three years, she is entitled to an upgrade and this time, she is getting the
Toyota Corolla Altis.The street price for this vehicle is RM120k. Of the entire sum, almost half is paid in tax to the Government.I think that is stupid. But here in Malaysia, we have no choice.Getting the new car itself, is an adventure.She had to endure the snobbish attitude of the salesmen at the dealership.I experienced this when we approached a counter at the Toyota showroom in
Subang Jaya.The guy who sat behind the counter couldn't give a rat's ass.Then, a manager came and we were referred to another salesman.When we closed the deal, the earlier guy who sat behind the counter walked past
us and gave my wife a dirty look.So, fuck him!The car won't be due till late February or early March.My wife deserves every bit of her effort in managing her company for the past
eight years.The only hurdle, is the majority shareholder in the business which has been
causing her much anxiety and frustration.I can share her pain because the guy is a true retard.That said, the road is long and winding and I can only wish her further success in
her venture.
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