Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ipoh solo recce ride part 2

The ride at downtown Ipoh

A very solid lunch - chicken rice and taugeh at Lou Wong

The mandatory Samoshot with the Speed P8

So, there I was, alone in Ipoh with a couple of hours to burn.
What do I do?
From Bandar Timah, I rode across to the other side of the Kinta river and found myself caught in the mid-morning traffic.
Being an experienced street rider, I was on the defensive and used my trusty GPS to navigate across the city.
From Little India and part of the older Chinese heritage trail, I ended up at Ipoh Central Markert.
This is a big area with loads of cool architecture and if you are a photography enthusiasts, you'll probably end up bursting your CF card.

I took the Speed P8 to the Perak tourists information centre located near the Ipoh padang and ontained some information about the city and events happening there.
Later, I chilled out at the Old Town coffee outlet and took a break before proceeding to Jalan Yang Kalsum in my bid to locate Sunny Foong, my colleague from the Ipoh Star office.
After cruising around for an hour or so, I made my way to Jalan Hussein and found the state bureau.
Foong was on his day off, so, I didn't get a chance to meet him.
From here, I rode back to Jalan Yau Tet Shin where the famous Lou Wong restaurant is located and had my lunch: Chicken rice with Ipoh taugeh.
This was the highlight of my day as the bill came to RM5.
You can never find such a deal anywhere else!
I checked my wristwatch and it was already 12:45pm. This means its time to head back to the train station to catch the 2pm ride back to KL Sentral.
My Dahon Speed P8 held up very well and as I packed the bike back onto its stow bag, I felt a sense of achievement for doing the recce ride.
The least I can say is I won't get fucked for not knowing the route and making contingency plan.
This time, I came prepared and hoped that the weekend ride would be a smooth event.
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