Friday, November 12, 2010

The Tanjung Malim Ride

Michelle anb the CKC girls at a checkpoint along the ride

The foldie gang at Tanjung Malim train station

I don't think that I could spew out an excuse for a day trip to Tanjung Malim which is located at the Selangor-Perak border.
But the folding bike club people had an idea about riding to Kalumpang which is located about 15-km away from this town, so, Michelle and I decided to join them.
With a 30-km round-trip, I found that the ride was okay, its just that the timing was really out because we rode late.
Much can be improved on the riding schedule and if the folding bike club would want to push forward, the ride organisers must be disciplined and punctual.
My next project is a recon ride in Ipoh, Perak, followed by a ride in Taiping.
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