Monday, December 3, 2012

First impressions: Canon EOS6D

Hot off the wok..
I was lazing around the photo room and while striking up a conversation with our top shooter Glenn Guan, I noticed a small camera next to his webbing.
"Eh Sam, I am trying out the EOS6D la..," he said.
So, I picked up the camera and squeezed a few shots.
Seems that it has the feel of a three-digit EOS body as the front grip was very small and narrow.
The controls on the camera is similar to a double-digit EOS as there are plenty of similarities with the EOS60D in the back panel.

The EOS6D seen here paired with the EF24-105mm F4L
 An excellent body for the beginner.
The EOS6D is a no-frills full-frame body.
Its 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor is capable of delivering some nice shots.
Although not as advanced as the premium-priced EOS5DmkIII, the 6D is affordable.
This one comes with an asking price of RM6,399, making it really competitive.

The EOS6D with an optional battery grip
 Does it measure up?
Price-wise, you cannot ask for more.
There are two variants of the EOS6D. One with all the normal bells and whistles and another with a WiFi and GPS feature built-in.
The more expensive body would be the one which is capable of transmitting pictures wirelessly as well as tagging geographical information onto the images.
As far as performance is concerned, the camera is very responsive.
The autofocussing is fast, and accurate.
I must say that the overall winner on this camera is the value for money factor...
A simple layout on the camera's front controls
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