Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The search continues..

"We're gonna need a bigger bag.."
I've added a sackload of Canon L-series EF lenses to my arsenal.
Next year, I am going to concentrate more on producing nature images through my macro and bird photography.
This means: lugging two bodies and at least five lenses to the field.
I need a camera backpack that would fit the bill.

Choices, choices, choices..
Basically, I've narrowed-down my search to the Clik Elite Venture 35 backpack.
The price is not bad and since I had their Probody Sport model, I kind of like their overall design and functionality.
But the thing that sucked about these backs are the level of protection provided by the bag's padded compartments.

The Clik Elite: an obvious choice
 Other contenders
I did check out F-stop Gear's Tilopa-series backpacks.
The pictures cannot do justice to the real thing.
It looked really good and solid, but seeing it up close, the bags looked like crap.
They are also overpriced and the guys who sells them also wanted a lot of support like a review and testimonial for the product.
Well, I don't think they are gonna get any. Its like paying a thousand ringgit for a sack of lemon and on top of that, giving it a review. Its not gonna happen..

Ah, something new is on the block...
The guys who made Think Tank bags are coming out with something new called the Mindshift rotation 180.
Looks like a kick-ass backpack. Again, I am sceptical. 
Things that looked great on pictures need not necessarily be good in real life.

Mindshift's Rotation 180 pack
 Well, I might have to wait a little bit longer and see what's in store.
The Rotation 180 project is definitely worth watching in the months to come..
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