Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Too pricey, too late..
Some Japanese dude is coming over to Malaysia this weekend to launch his line of folding bike call 'Tyrell'.
Last I heard of this trademark was a Team Tyrrell - a Formula One racing team that has gone defunct. They had some really funky car with six wheels.
The asking price is RM7,800 and its introductory 'offer' price is RM6,100.
Truth to be told, there's a sucker born every minute and if you fall under the category of people who are brand-conscious, this one might nail it on your head..

The Japanese answer to folding performance
 Oh no, not those techie people again!
The new bikes are going to be sold at a premium boutique in Petaling Jaya.
My last visit there wasn't a pleasant experience.
The so-called 'technical' dude who was said to be 'friendly' and 'every ready' to take on any questions from the customer turned out to be a bogus.
I mean, a real jerk.
Spare the personalities who are selling these bikes, I think RM7k is too much to ask for a bicycle that's not even compact when you fold it.
And its hard to beat the choices that we already have in Malaysia with brands like Tern, Dahon, Birdy, Pacific Reach, and so on.. 
In a mad rush to cash-in on the Christmas shopping craze, I wish the Japanese dude best of luck in marketing his bike here in Malaysia.. 
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