Monday, June 29, 2009

Booze, drugs and your neighbour

First, they came in small numbers. After years of being vacant, the house next door became inhabited by a bunch of people from East Malaysia.I spoke to one of them who told me that he was from Keningau, Sabah.Everything seemed allright till a month ago where I can hear a few guys and their women singing away from
midnight till early in the morning.I am a very patient guy and can take almost any kind of shit thrown at me.Lately, my neighbours have been acting out of line.They sang loudly and can be heard screaming.This morning, the line was drawn. One of the married man was restrained by a woman after he thrashed his
home.The ladies were screaming hysterically and crying. They spoke in Kadazan and some broken Malay and as I was leaving for work, I can see some really violent act
erupting as a result of booze and taking uppers all night long.When one of the ladies was grabbing to the guy, I can see that he don't have the guts to go all the way. Its all in
the eyes.Its just tough luck that my neighbourhood is surrounded with assholes. And at the mean time, I'll have to put up with the gong-banging singing shit from East Malaysian natives.
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