Monday, October 25, 2010

Parts upgrade for my Dahon Speed P8

Thudbuster suspension seat post

MKS EZY pedals

Its a common thing that after a long ride, the parts on your bike are worn out.
This is wear and tear.
I checked out my Suntour pedals and parts of its plastic textured grips are coming off.
This means, a long-term solution is needed.
After researching a bit, I found that the MKS pedals are the only good choices for folding bikes like my Dahon Speed P8.
Another piece of accessory that would make the ride even comfier is the thudbuster seatpost.
This came highly recommended and one of few on-line companies that are willing to ship outside the USA is Thorusa.
Prices for the components are pretty decent, but the cane creek thudbuster seat posts are only available in silver for folding bikes...
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