Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meet "Kamo"

Strida Malaysia's Brand Ambassador..
"Ah Kam" or better known as "Kamo" is Strida Bike's Malaysian ambassador.
I had the pleasure of meeting this young man in Morib and rode with him to Bagan Lalang.
Strida Malaysia's Melvin Tang told me that he had spotted Kamo in a write-up by Sin Chew Jit Poh on Malaysia's Bike Heroes.
Apparently, Kamo had ridden the entire length of the Peninsula on a mountain bike and a basket as his gear carrier.

The Stridamen: Melvin (L) and Kamo
Kamo's mission
I was told by Melvin that Kamo will be outfitted with a special Strida bike.
"Ah, we will get him a two-speed Strida which will also be fitted with racks and carriers for his 2,000km journey from Kuching to Tawau.."
I think the plan is simply amazing! 
To do a tour of Sarawak and Sabah is no easy feat.
Let alone, cycling a Strida bike. 
If its ever achieved, Kamo will be the first man in history to complete a grueling 2K ride in Malaysia's Borneo.

Getting started..
I think it doesn't really matter if Kamo would complete his epic ride. Just getting to the starting line is already a winner for the underdog like Strida Bikes.
For the record, Kamo is the only person I know in the entire country which is endorsed to promote a folding bike. So, here's wishing him a safe journey and success in his Borneo Expedition next year!
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