Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Projek 200

An inspiration...
I was chatting on the messenger with Ng Chor Guan last night.
Braddah Guan is one of the few folding bike cyclists who is a member of the 'Foldie Century Club'.
For starters, folding bicyclists who had ridden more than 100km in a single day are far and few in between.
Guan told me that his record is 200km in a day and I believe everything he said.
From a Polygon Urbano to a Rallyart F1-27 and now, a Brompton P6R, the music composer is one of the most respected foldie in the country.
For the record, Guan has been featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh as a 'Bicycle Hero' together with Kamo @ Ah Kam, Strida Bike Malaysia's brand ambassador..
And for a moment, I reflected on Guan's achievements.
Now, the furthest I've gone was 153km with my wife Michelle.
Taking the bike to 200km wouldn't be a problem at all.
All I need to do, is to train and build up my stamina.

Guan, seen here at the OCBC Cycle Malaysia event in October. He's an inspiration to many new folding bicycle owners especially among the Chinese speaking community...
 The Plan...
Well, having done the USJ 26 - Tg Sepat - USJ 26 ride, I am pretty sure that a 100km single journey ride to Bagan Lalang is possible.
This means, lesser stops and maintaining a constant speed and cadence throughout the ride.
I've mapped out the route which seems right and will do this sometime in late February or early March next year.
From here, I will proceed with my plan to cycle to 'Land's end' in Tg Piai, Johor.

The 200km route..
  Seeing as it is, I won't be doing much cycling in the last days of 2011. 
My wife is having an overseas guest at home, so, its mostly Public Relations work well until the first week of 2012...
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