Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cateye Rapid 3

The Cateye Rapid 3 is lightweight and pretty bright
Outfitting the Jetstream
I needed a rear light that is capable of delivering some throw, especially to motorists in the distance.
My search ended with the Cateye Rapid 3 which I found at Johnny Ng's My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama.
Pricing for this rear light wasn't too bad, so, I bought two to be rigged on my Jetstream EX and Michelle's Jetstream P8.
We rode with this to Penang and Raub and it worked well.

Pros and cons
The rear light uses one AA-battery and with the LED as its illumination source, its pretty much energy-saving.
One single battery can really last you a while before a replacement is needed.
My only grouse with this light is the switch which is pretty fragile. If you get sand and grit trapped in-between the gaps, you are headed for trouble.
Otherwise, this is a good choice for a rear light...
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