Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rogue Rider: Projek Jugra Part 3

An early lunch... 
I had ngar pou cheep chap thong for lunch. 
Didn't know what the lady owner of the restaurant called Sarr Bak (boiled meat) was talking about, all I did was nod in agreement.
But from the vibes, and seeing people around me, I think the food quality would be decent.
On the next table, there were a bunch of men talking.
Every five words they muttered was "Lann Chiau!" (the human male's private part in Hokkien).
They don't seem to care who was around them and were obviously carrying on talking in their own lingo.
I think these are the guys of Jugra who made it. 
They just hang around, have a meal, a couple sip of Chinese tea and watch the day go by...

The El Turisto thing.. 
Lunch, including an iced Barley drink costs RM14. 
After paying up, I moved on to the other part of this town.
It was 12:15pm in the afternoon, the sun was not even up. Dark clouds loom ahead in the horizon.
I made my way to the Istana Bandar (an old palace) at the edge of the town.
This is located near a river and thinking that I was lost, I asked a lady who was kind enough to give directions.
She told me that the old palace is located next to the Sultan Alaeeden mosque, which is a well-kept place of worship in Jugra Lama.
I made my way there and found the palace abandoned.
It was next to an Islamic science building.
The palace, although its been vacant for a while, was actually well-maintained.
Next to it, I can hear some women singing and making their political speeches. Some sort of party convention.
Later, I rode towards a young man and asked him what lies ahead on the road and he told me that its the river.
Yeah, the Langat river, lands end on this part of the boondocks.
I later met a man, whom I presume is orang asli (aborigine) and spent some time talking to him.
The man said that some development is taking place and that there is a new bridge linking Jugra to the outside world.
I can clearly see this on my way from Teluk Panglima Garang....

Historical building: the Istana Bandar

Proof: The Rogue Rider was here.. 

The Alaeedeen mosque
Out of Jugra..
Earlier, I asked a boy on a motorcycle about the way out of town to Banting.
He told me that the road from Istana Bandar leads straight to the RMAF regiment's base and all I need to do, is to make a left turn and I am on my way.
So, I took my stride on this and half-way doing so, I realised that my front suspension had collapsed.
I didn't suspect anything as I have not ridden the Jetstream EX since I got it back from the bicycle shop.
Some idiot must have released the air from the front shock.
Lucky for me, I brought along my fork pump and worked on it right away. 
The entire trapezoid frame was really low and if used on a prolonged ride, the damage may have been irreversible.
I pulled over to a sheltered bus stop to work on the suspension and slowly, bit-by-bit, managed to restore the pressure in the air suspension.
Slowly, with the skipping gear, I rode towards Banting and the way home is beyond the horizon...
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