Friday, December 23, 2011

Mission: Cambodia

Bitten by the travel bug..
I'll snag the chance of getting out of Malaysia or the Klang Valley each time Chinese New Year approaches.
This year, we had the chance to cycle in Southern Thailand.
For the year of the Dragon, the first thing that came to my mind is Cambodia.
And the very place tha I wanted to visit, is Siem Reap, which roughly about 200km East of the Thai border.

The plan
I've mapped out this trip by taking a train from Kuala Lumpur to Haadyai via KTM's Express Langkawi.
From Haadyai, we board train number 36 to Bangkok.
Right after we hit Bangkok, we switch onto train number 56 to Aranyaprathet, near the Cambodian border.

The plan...
Strenous travel time
There's no issue about me clocking in more than two weeks on annual leave and accumulated off-days.
BUT, that's not the case with my wife.
She wants to go, but do not have the luxury of time.
We are looking at 16 days on the road.
It takes at least four days to get to Aranyaprathet by rail. And about four days to Siem Reap (covering a distance of 200km) on our bikes.

Much of our time would be spent on rail travel.
Beyond Aranyaprathet, its simply on our Dahons. My plan was to roll down towards Poi Pet, the border town in Cambodia and head straight into Siem Reap.
I've read plenty about the road trips by other bicycle tourists. Seems that the ride can be done.
BUT, my wife has the last say in this case. If she don't get to go, I don't go.
So, seeing as it is, Cambodia is out of reach during Chinese New Year and we are most likely stuck here in fucking Kuala Lumpur for the rest of the festive season...
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