Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rogue Rider: Projek Jugra Part 2

We are good to go!
Banting was disappointing.
So, it was time to head to Jugra and this town is about 13km away from where I was searching for food.
While I was on my way there, I made several detours but nothing convincing.
Jugra is a pretty interesting ride.
I cycled past the Jugra community college and noticed that there is a Royal Malaysian Air Force camp in the area.
As  I slowly made my way, the gear skipping became really annoying.
With some pressure on the pedal, the chainring began to jump.

Nice name for a town..hahahaha!
The junction towards Jugra

Permatang Pasir town formerly known as Jugra Lama
An interesting place
I've hardly seen any write-ups about Jugra Lama.
This historic town has an old palace, police station, Sultan Abdul Samad's mausoleum and the Sultan Alaeeden mosque.
There's plenty to see if you are on a bike.. So, I guess a short ride from Banting for the beginner is in order.
I cycled past the Selangor Matriculation College, which is a real big place and worked my way towards Permatang Pasir village.
Its a simple place where I can see plenty of Chinese settlers who are now well off with their big bungalows.
They are filthy rich!
The main economic activity here is agriculture.
Nearly all the land here is cultivated with cash crops...
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