Monday, September 17, 2012

Canon Powershot G15

This year's Photokina trade show in Germany is full of excitement.
Canon's announcement of the G12 replacement is an interesting development in their 'enthusiast'-level compact camera.
For years since its introduction, the Powershot G-series has been way ahead in the forefront -- catering to serious amateurs and professionals demanding for a high-end compact camera to complement their tools of the trade.

Canon's contender for the high-end compact camera market
 What to expect..
Canon had designed the G15 with a faster aperture.
This means, at the widest focal length, you get F1.8 which means that low-light captures are possible. 
But what remained unseen is the image quality with the aperture wide-open.
The dial layout on the G15 is much more user-friendly. Everything you need is on the right-hand side of the top panel.

Gone is the swiveling rear screen
 A worthy update
I must say that Canon has done some homework on making the G-series better.
Not to be confused with the much more higher-end G1X, the G15 has everything that you can pack to create some good snapshots.
Well, at least the minimal focal length is now back to 1cm which means that you can use it for some really cool close-up shots!
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