Sunday, September 23, 2012

World Car Free Day Ride - Part 2

Half way there..
 We cleared Batu Tiga toll's layby in good time.
By this time, the number of cyclists are way over 20 people.
We dropped the halt at a checkpoint near UiTM in Shah Alam and proceeded towards the Keris Munoment near Sungai Rasah.
Just beside the motorcycle lane, I noticed a Perodua Kancil with its front right tire burst.
It was making so much noise, it wasn't funny.
The moron who was on the wheels drove it all the way towards Kg Jawa exit.
I think that by the time he gets to a tire shop, his front rim would have been bent.
Earlier, the Tern Link P9 had a chain-slip.
This was easily fixed and good guys like Mr KK Fong had lend a hand.

Clearing the Sg Rasah toll
Fixing  chain-slip
 We re-grouped at the Keris monument where I gave another briefing.
At this point, the motorcycle lane ends.
The road ahead merges with the Klang town traffic.
Our intended destination was the KTM station on the opposite side of the river.

Chong Kok Kopitiam
An excellent breakfast
Munching by the five-foot way
 Despite a 15-minute delay and a short detour, we arrived in Klang on time.
From Brickfields, we did about two and a-half hours.
Chong Kok coffee shop was packed to the brim. Some of the cyclists had improvised by taking a stool from the main counter and set it up by the sidewalk.
At RM3.50 for a plate of tasty nasi-lemak. I wouldn't complain.

The trouble with wannabes
Most of the bikes in this ride were either Dahons or Tern. There were two Bromptons. One, an Englishman classic is owned by my buddy Swofinty.
The other dude, I don't really know. Although he added me as his 'Facebook Friend', we were merely acquaintances.
Now, I don't like people barking orders and showing their fart face. Let alone being loud and confrontational.
At the end of the late breakfast, I told everyone to bag up their bikes to get ready for the train ride.
With a Brommie, all you need to do is to dump it in a small bag.
While the rest were struggling, the wannabe dude was yelling: "Hey! Take the stools back to the shop la! Why are you so unethical?"
I don't think he needs to shout because we are going to help out anyway. It was a matter of priorities and the crust to the matter was that stacking the stools and putting it back where it belonged can be done last. 
But no. This guy had to shout and call the rest 'unethical'. Even the usage of the word was wrong. It should be 'inconsiderate'.
Then, I made further observation on this guy.
When we arrived at Pulau Ketam (I made it an option to visit the island), this guy vanished with his Brommie.
He didn't bother to offer any help to move the other bikes. Speak of 'unethical' what a waste of time. 
Selfish buggers like these are the ones I would avoid in future outings.
We bagged the bikes and made our way to the KTM Station in Klang.
The stationmaster did not stop us from boarding the train.
Even as we were waiting, the wannabe was ranting about time and schedule. 
Later during lunch in Pulau Ketam, he was kissing ass with a group of old men whom he rides with regularly.

Moving towards the train station
My buddy Roger at the Klang station for the first time
Happy cyclists: The foldies in the Port Klang bound train
 We got ourselves organised for the RM1 train ride to Port Klang.
My initial plan was to tour the place, but after consulting SK Yeong, an old touring kaki, we decided to proceed to Pulau Ketam via the South Port Ferry terminal.
The ticket ride costs RM7 for a single-journey.
Most of the 20" bike including a large 26" Tern were placed on the boat's top hull where there is a cargo holding area.
It takes about 30-minutes to get to Pulau Ketam via the high-speed ferry.
Even in the cabin, the wannabe was complaining about timing and such.
People like that should not take up bikepacking and lucky for me, I just need to put up with him for half a day..
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