Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CFAL 4 - Part 2

An early day
I made arrangements with Eddie to pick up our numbers, jerseys and goodie bag.
Now, the norm was going to G-Hotel in Gurney Drive.
Which we did and found that nothing was going on there.
After checking further, the registration and goodie bag collection was at Straits Quay.
So, we went there to get our stuff.
I was still traumatized by the accident which happened the night before. But, I didn't let this get the better of me.
Michelle had to carry out some work in Georgetown, so, we went separate ways.

Meeting some old friends..
There was a large crowd at Straits Quay.
While picking up my stuff, I met Francis Ho, a fellow folding bike cyclist from Kuching, Sarawak.
We chatted a bit and the one thing that caught my attention was the Garmin EDGE 200 GPS.
Michelle had some issues with her Cateye Adventure cyclometer. It was not functioning, so, I decided to get her a new GPS, just to lift up her spirit.
While we were there, I met up with an editorial artist from The Star Northern hub. She had expressed interest in our team Starmetro jerseys.
I told her that we are in the midst of forming the Star Cycling Club.
After all the meet-ups and formalities, we went downtown to check out some bicycle shops before a decent lunch.
Eddie and I parted ways when he dropped me off at Island Plaza where I stocked up on bananas, a loaf of bread for breakfast early Sunday morning.

The stall selling Garmin products
Collecting the goodie bag
I walked back to the hotel and while I was at it, I saw Uncle FC Meng's group.
They shouted out at me while making through the evening traffic.
While I was at it, the Taiping Foldie Group too were just getting to Straits Quay.
As the evening slowly sets in, Michell and I had dinner at a restaurant opposite the hotel.
It rained the whole night as we prepared to hit the sack as the day begins really early on the next day..

Our shared dinner

Team Jetstream

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