Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What the hell was I thinking???

Somebody shoot me!
I made a beeline to Rodalink bicycle store in Desa Seri Hartamas on Monday.
My primary objective, was to score a Burger King Whopper.
The side mission was to check out the bikestore scene. 
These days, I made it a point to visit bicycle shops once every three months.
And right there before me was a Polygon Helios 100.
This is a basic bike, entry-level buy at RM1.6k a pop.
Then, somewhere in the corner of my mind, I gave it some serious thought about riding with the Starmetro cycling team.
I managed to get them four Polygon Helios 500 bikes. Two were put to good use, one was literally a goner and the other, well, we are thinking seriously of taking it back.
Way I see it, sponsored cyclists can yield their ugly faces.
They want the freebies, but won't put any effort to earn it.
In the case of the Starmetro cycling team, we have two useless buggers.
One was in for the glamour, the other, made empty promises and I found out that later, the Helios 500 was given to his kid.
Well, like any 'free' stuff, its prone to abuse.
Just like the laptops that were issued to reporters back in the days when I was on the beat, some of the bosses actually gave them to their children. 

The affordable road bike: Polygon Helios 100
 Some soul-searching
Road bikes are not for me. 
I had a good run for at least 10 years with my Raleigh 400. That was it.
Even at an affordable price of RM1.6k, I think the Helios 100 would gather dust at home.
The idea of cycling with the boys in their training stint is noble. But I think they can do it on their own under the leadership of the team captain.
Much of my work remains in the background and I do hope that somebody will take on a succession plan when I am fed-up of helping to run the team.

A decision
Well, after giving it much thought - my heart and mind is all for a 24" high-performance folding bike I have just the right model and make in mind.
So, sorry Polygon. Better luck next life!
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