Monday, September 3, 2012

Karak > Lanchang Ride - Part 2

Sertik > Felda Lakum
Felda Sertik which is situated some 9km from Sin Poh Farm is a nice place to ride.
The road was quiet with the occasional traffic from vehicles plying this route from Lanchang to Karak.
We re-group at the entrance to this Felda scheme and took some photos.
As we slowly rode towards the kampung, Ah Pan and the kid had sped off.
There was a BHP Petrol station here where one of the team members had made a toilet call.
We waited for a short while before moving along.
Sertik, as it seems, is a small self-sustained township linked by route C138 to the outside world..

At the BHP Petrol station in Sertik
Serene: the quiet kampung road
  Life on the slow lane
We had the opportunity to witness the slower pace in life as we rode past Kg Sertik.
Traffic was low here as we soaked in the beautiful rural scene with rubber plantations around us.
As we slowly moved to rejoin the Federal Road towards Felda Lakum, the terrain began to show its shapely contour.
This was no easy ride and definitely not for beginners.
From my Garmin EDGE800 GPS, I can see the constant 3 -5% gradient along the way.
Some parts of the route is long and steep while a short stretch was a downhill roll.
We made our way to a rest stop af Felda Lakum and had nasi lemak for breakfast.
At this point of the ride, we had progressed some 3 hours on the road and had ridden some 23km.
The nasi lemak was something we had looked forward to and lucky for me, the stall I picked turned out to be really good.
While we were parking our bikes, a shopkeeper had scolded Patric for taking pictures of her petrol kiosk. I don't know why the woman had gone ballistic, but her neighbour, a lady who served us the nasi lemak was really nice.
Breakfast came up to RM32 for the entire group with drinks. 

At the junction to Felda Lakum
My Jetstream EX
Working on the climb
A shot showing the road contour

Continuing with the climb
After a good fill, we worked our way to Bukit Damar.
The contour of the road here can be clearly seen from a distance.
We worked on our cadence and slowly climbed the hills with gradients of 5% 

Ah Pan scooping his breakfast

This nasi lemak is pretty decent
Bukit Damar was in the horizon as we slowly rode into the Felda scheme.
It was a straight-forward ride as we cleared this satellite township and made our way out towards another slope.
So far, we have endured a lot of hills and the junction towards Kg Bolok, where the Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary is located.

The team, at the Kg Bolok - Lanchang junction
 A decision
I discussed with the team on the prospect of doing another 10km of climbing and descent towards the Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary.
Most had agreed as we proceeded to crank and crunch our gear on this hilly nature and wildlife sanctuary.

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