Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moleskin notebooks

Possibly, the best paper notebooks around..

I purchased my first Moleskin notebook five years ago in Singapore.
Then, the products started to trickle-in and now, you can find them in high-end stationery shops in the Klang Valley.
To the uninitiated, Moleskins are very expensive stuff.
A simple pocket notebook costs around RM58 a pop,
But what I love about it is the fact that its well-made and are built to last.

Abuse and loved..

My favourite size is the small pocket note book in plain pages.
I carry this to jot down important notes, reminders and travel expenses.
In short, the Moleskin is in direct competition with my Rite in the Rain notebook.
The only beef I had with the Rite in the Rain stuff is the binding. It tends to snag my pocket.

My well-worn Moleskins
Basically, I love the smooth and high-quality paper material on the moleskin notepad.
And since I use the ballpoint pen a lot, it really complements the smooth pages on the moleskin's note.

The digital convergence...

And now, the latest fad to hit the moleskin craze is the Evernote smart notebook.
There are two sizes available and I found the pocket-sized ones truly an amazing thing to own.
These are not cheap as they are also rare. 
Not many shops sells them and the only places that you can find them are at Border's bookstore.

The Evernote moleskin and my HTC One X+
 But some stuff just don't cut it..

I truly dig the moleskin notebooks, but not all their stuff are justifiable for purchase.
Take the pencils and pens for instance.
The click rollerball pen costs around RM53 a piece.
This is a cheap piece of plastic and the pencils costs RM58 for a set of three.
You have to be a maniac to commit on such a price.
I examined the quality up close and found that its a worthless piece of crap.
My RM53 is better spent on a Parker Pen click ballpoint pen.

Too costly: the moleskin rollerball pen
There are other merchandise from moleskin such as nylon pouches, satchels and document bags.
These are super-expensive and I don't see the point buying them at all because of its inferior-quality.
But hey, I may be wrong because somewhere out there, a true believer is hoarding all the moleskin stuff...
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