Friday, January 25, 2013

OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013: Part 2

And off we go!

I made my way to the rider's pen with Mohd Radzi, a fellow folding bike cyclist and Michelle.
There, we met Kheng from BaikBike who took part in the ride.
I saw him two years ago at the VIP suite he waved at me while his colleague Alan took a shot.
We chat a bit and met an elderly couple from Mantin, Negeri Sembilan who are into touring rides. 
They were courteous and friendly.
Since we were right in front of the first bunch, there was a good view of the 48km challenge participants arriving at the finish line. 
After a brief wait, I saw The Star Cycling team making their grand entrance. To me, it was mission accomplished. The boys had completed the ride this time and as a team. I couldn't have asked for more.

Near mishap: A cyclist breaking his fall during flag-off at the Community Ride

Nasty accident: A roadie being treated by a paramedic in Jalan Raja Chulan
A chance to ride in the city...

We had always looked forward to cycling in the city.
At least eight of the main roads in Kuala Lumpur was closed for the cycling event.
Irate motorists, some, who were ignorant to the road closures had tried to break into the cycling path. 
Good thing was the traffic cops who did a wonderful job in preventing the motorists from mowing down the cyclists.
We did two laps (12km a loop) and on the first round, we saw some fellas getting down from their bikes, totally exhausted.
The ride from KLCC to Jalan Raja Chulan was a breeze. 
When we reached the Lake Gardens, the undulating terrain begins to take its toll.
Inexperienced cyclists had dropped like flies. 
Well, this brings me to the topic of cycling etiquette.
When you are running flat, please veer to the left and let others pass.
I nearly rammed into a girl who was struggling with the long climb towards Tugu Negara.
Well, when you think that's the least of your worries, the next big one was the ride to Bukit Tunku. This series of hills claimed more people, especially the weak ones.
One-by-one, they dropped like flies.
Paramedics who were stationed along the route got their hands full.

Jet-powered: Michelle riding along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Jubilant: The Taiping Foldie Fans

Another set of medals! 
Better timing..

We did okay on the 24km ride
Well, it was a breezy one actually. Along the way, I met some really interesting folks. Mohd Radzi and I rode all the way and completed the loop.
After collecting our medals, we linked up with the Taiping Foldies gang and indulged in a conversation before we got shooed away by one of the event roadies.
I made my way to a shaded corner and received a phone call from The Star's photographer Chan Tak Kong about heading to the VIP hospitality suite. 
The Star team were there munching away. They were truly like Rockstars.
Chan did an excellent job with the photos.
I went to the hospitality suite to meet up with the boys and met Julius Evanson, OCBC's corporate comm's main man.
Then, OCBC's Director/CEO Jeffery Chew came by. 
I told him that I had booked and paid for next year's ride and a Bike Park where no bicycles are allowed was a bad joke.
All that Public Relations gig done, I made my way back to the real cyclists and took off to Kampung Baru for an early lunch.
After a good meal at Restoran Ros in Jalan Raja Alang, we rode towards Brickfields and headed to the Federal Highway motorcycle lane for our ride home.. 

Crossing the stateline

Spare the postponement, cheap-assed stuff in the Cycling Pack, I'd say that I've truly enjoyed myself.
Now that the OCBC Cycling event had gone regional with the OCBC Cycle Asia, I hope to ride in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines someday, with expenses out of my own pocket of course!

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