Friday, January 11, 2013

This time, they got the colour right..

A replacement too soon? 

Olympus announced the successor to the TG-1 premium all-weather camera recently at the CES show in the US.
Its the TG-2 HS and its an improvement from its predecessor. 
Said to go deeper and tougher than the TG-1, this premium-priced compact camera are made with some noticeable improvements in terms of how deep this camera can go underwater and its crush-proof rating.

The TG-1


The camera's rear controls

  Same-same different? 

From the appearance, both cameras looked the same.
The tweaks in terms of its controls are really marginal.
But, in terms of colour coordination, I think the Olympus guys got this one right.
The lens rings can also be changed for the fashion-conscious user...

March debut

The TG-2 is expected to hit the market in the US (at a retail price of USD$380 in March this year..     
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