Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some cool MKS pedals..

You can't substitute the best..

MKS of Japan makes some of the best cycling pedals in the world.
Well, for a folding bike, you can't ask for more.
With the exception of our Dahon Curve D3, all our bikes are equipped with the MKS MT-E easy and Exim superior pedals.

Looking forward to some cool beans..

With some new bikes coming our way, we can definitely look foward to some cool new pedals from MKS.
My preferred source is who ships to Malaysia.
Most of my pedals were imported from this store which is based in the US.
The store owner Thor, is an avid folding bike cyclist and an expert in everything folding bikes..

For flat shoes: the MKS urban flat superior

Wow factor: the MKS step-in superior

Weird and wonderful: The MKS Lambda superior

"Good things no cheap, cheap things no good.."

The stock-standard pedals that comes with your folding bike are normally inferior.
So far, I've broken one during a test-ride and had no choice but to ride home for another 25km with a broken pedal.
From my experience, the MKS are built to last.
The start-up investment is higher than the usual, but its worth every Ringgit and Sen.
Even the basic MT-E easy pedals (quick-release with a stop pin) can cost as much as RM220 a pair.
The asking price for a pair of MKS step-in superior would be RM453 excluding freight charges. 
So, to sum it up, if you demand performance, the MKS are there to take you on.. Otherwise, you can settle for a pair of cheap pedals and pay the price for using inferior accessories..             
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