Thursday, January 17, 2013

24-hours in Singapore: Part 3

On the road again..

Despite a few hours of sleep, I managed to squeeze in some much-needed "Zzzz's".
And there, smack in the early part of the morning, I hauled myself out of bed, packed everything and went down to Queen Street for my breakfast.

Keeping in touch: Tablet and Cellphone

A decent meal: Queen Street prawn noodles
I picked the Ibis hotel on Bencoolen Road for its strategic location.
You can access various parts of the Singapore's downtown area from here.
I knew that it was not hard to locate a place to makan and found a stall selling prawn noodles at Queen Street.
After a good fill, I went back to the hotel to check my emails. The good thing was this - they had free WiFi connection which made life a breeze.
The plan was to meet Stanley again, head for lunch at a stall near middle road.

Last-minute shopping...

I made a beeline to Camper's Corner.
There, I bought a Gregory sling bag for my wife.

I also splurged on a pair of Chaco sandals and two Gregory stuff sacks that were on offer.
Later, we had lunch and moved on to the City Hall area where I scored a 1:43 limited-edition Hotwheels Batmobile.
To what I least expect, I was kinda pleased with the stuff I bought.

The Ibis hotel on Bencoolen Road

The prawn noodles stall

The awesome rail-link

After all the shopping was done, I had a drink with Stanley and parted ways.
What I did was jump into the East-bound train that shoots straight to the airport.
The fare was around SG$3.50 which is much cheaper than taking a cab.
Travel time was round 40-minutes and I found myself checking-in a the terminal.
Right in front of me was this Chinaman with a Caucasian dude.
He seemed to have an attitude with his sunglasses on and a bluetooth headset which is permanently plugged into his ear canal.
I offered him the place in front of me and this dude went on yapping.
At the airport, I spent some time checking out the shops.
And man, speaking of World-class, Changi has it all.

The train to the airport

Waiting for my flight..
My ride home..
Bye-bye Changi..
Load up, or starve!

There are loads of food outlets in Changi airport.
I picked Starbucks for a beef loaf sandwich and a cup of coffee. 
Sat there on a bench and watched the world go by and when it was time to board, I made my way to the gate.
And there was this middle-aged Ah Beng again, bluetooth headset on the ear, talking loud, telling the whole world about his day in Singapore.
Way I see it, if this dude is such a hotshot corporate big-wig, he should be flown in on a G-5, not the cheapassed Jetstar.
Even at KLIA, this moron continued with his antics, talking really loud on the headset. Hands-free kits are for driving, not walking and talking. What a shithead! 

Just happy to be home..

I cleared the immigration and customs and went straight to the carpark. 
My parking bill for 36-hours was RM82.
Beats the hell out of waiting for a taxi and I am just happy to drive home to my waiting dogs..

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