Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cool beans from Tom Bihn

A decent recommendation.. 

I have never heard of Tom Bihn bags until someone gave it a mention recently.
In today's context, its very hard to find bags that are made entirely in the USA.
Tom Bihn is one of the exception.
I logged into their website and found a variety of products and one particular backpack caught my attention.

The Synapse 19

This is a small backpack which offers plenty of room for everyday carry items.
Its also highly regarded by bag owners around the world.
Tom Bihn's Synapse 19
The pack came with plenty of compartments and I must say that its really well laid-out.
Plenty of thoughts have been put on this design which I think is a versatile performer.
It retails at USD$140 or RM430.50 a pop.
And there's also options for the buyer to purchase additional organizers and pouches.
I bought the Synapse 19 for my wife as her birthday present.
It took about a week for the backpack to be shipped from the US to Malaysia and I must say that Tom Bihn's customer service is simply amazing!

More pix of the pack..


I am pretty pleased with the pricing, overall fit and finish on the pack.
You can't get a decent product at this price anywhere in Malaysia as most backpacks are made in Southeast Asia.
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