Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some fun with the EX600RT flashgun

Tabletop photography

I am a huge fan of tabletop photography.
Recently, I acquired the Canon EX600RT flashgun and an ST-E3-RT radio-controlled transmitter.
These integrated well with my Canon EOS5DmkIII and are the most powerful flashguns in the business.

My simple set up

Umbrella rig

To get the most out of it, I set up an umbrella light modifier to get a soft lighting effect on the subject.
The umbrellas at RM20 a piece, are dirt-cheap.
Now, to hold it in position, I needed to get the Manfrotto umbrella mount. These are used with a set of 'nano' stands.
Dump all that in, the rig becomes a little bit more expensive compared to all the China junk that is available in the market.
So, having said that, I used the two EX600RTs and mounted them to the umbrella rig.
A couple of test shots yielded some really decent results, but I need to work on the diffusion techniques to achieve an even more softer lighting effect.


I am pretty happy with the overall results.
Did a little bit of post-processing on the Adobe Lightroom 4 and much of the desired effects of a 'soft' lighting approach can be seen on the shots.
The details are also stunning as I used an aperture value of F11 for the shots with a shutter speed of 1/200sec.

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