Thursday, April 25, 2013

The long wait..

A despatch from the Tern guy... 

After the departure of the dude who took care of Tern bicycles here in Malaysia, he was replaced by a younger fella.
I corresponded with Joshua Hon of Tern Bicycles over the possibility of getting a Tern Eclipse X-20 imported into Malaysia.
And at the same time, get another simple bike, the Tern Eclipse P9 for my wife Michelle.
Everything was set for March this year, but it was a no show.. 

The much-anticipated Tern Eclipse X-20
Anyways, seeing as it is, there are some 'nagging' issues like how much this bike would cost and getting more bikes means having less space in the house.
I've already blown a chunk of cash on my Canon EX600RTs and the ST-E3-RT transmitter including my lighting rig.
So, if there should be a purchase, it would have be the third quarter of the year.. 
Then, I contacted the new guy handling Tern.. And here is what he had to say...

 Hi Sam,

Sorry to inform that the Tern Eclipse X20 will postpone the delivery due to some taxing issue. Estimated 4th quarter of the year.
Eclipse P9 already stop production so we cannot order. I knew that you have reserve 1 piece of Eclipse X20 from Josh, will update you when the shipment comes.
Really sorry about the delay.

Thanks & best regards,

Come what may, all I can do is to wait and see. 
If it gets too laborious, I might as well drop the whole idea of getting more bikes as I am pretty much satisfied with what I have at the moment..
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