Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome to Malaysia Dr David Hon..

The main man: Dr David Hon riding a Dr Hon Jifo folding bike
I heard it through the grapevine...

So, I called the guy in charge of Dr Hon Bicycles go pick up a Dr Hon Mu P27 for review.
He said he had a meeting with Dr David Hon and his entourage from Dr Hon Bicycles.
"We are having a regional meeting for the distributors here in Malaysia la...
"I will be very busy and my colleague Danny will see to it that you get to try out the Mu-27,"
said my friend.

Tight schedule..

The guy also told me that David Hon will be on a "tight schedule" and will not be able to meet any of the bicycling journal and news portal people here.
I don't know if this is true, or rather the space was given to magazines like "Cycling Malaysia" who knew next to nothing on folding bikes, but nevertheless, I take this news in good faith.
"Eh, I talked to my big boss and try to get you an interview spot for, but no time la..," my contact said.

Good Public Relations Practise..

Well, way I see it, the Dr Hon Bicycle reps here should make an effort to introduce David Hon to the cycling community here in Malaysia. 
The least I can say is that if Dr Hon walks down the street, he could be recognised for his contributions to the cycling fraternity here in Malaysia..
To a certain quarters, David Hon's visit here to Kuala Lumpur is a real big deal. But, seeing as it is, I guess nobody really cares because he is just "another bicycle manufacturer"..
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