Friday, August 2, 2013

Cycling to work hits a snag..

Curiosity and a chance encounter with the company''s security chief...

I went into the elevator and bumped into the company's security chief.
He's an ex-cop and is in charge of the overall safety of the building, this includes the workplace and its interior.
"I need to talk to you..," he said.
My immediate response was to listen to what he had to say.
"You cycle to work? Some people complained that you took your bicycle into your workplace. We don't allow personal transport to be brought in," he clarified.
I told him that the only time I brought my bike to work was on a public holiday and on weekends.
On two occasions, I cycled to work and it coincided with "World Car Free Day".
Well, that was basically on assignment.

From last year's car-free day

My most recent foray
Be kind, be civil..

The security guy was very nice.
I returned his courtesy by clarifying the fact that on two occasions, I cycled to work on assignment. 
Well, at least I did it all the way.
The other fact that I raised was that I made sure that the tires were clean and left no markings on the floor.
He was appreciative of what I had to say.
The man further suggested that the building and property services would allocated three parking bays for motorcycles and bicycles. 
My justification for bringing the bike to my workstation: 

  1. The bikes are expensive.
  2. Its foldable and doesn't get in people's way.
  3. I test bikes and its part of my job.
  4. I made sure the bikes are not dirty.
  5. I am the only guy who cycles to work.
I further clarified that I had permission from my superior to bring the bike to work. The man was quite understanding and said that he would appreciate it if I could get my big boss to issue an instruction to the security team to allow me to bring my bike to my workplace.
I thanked him for being a good listener and said that I would take this to the top honcho and see what he has to say.
At a company that promotes Green Living, it would be a shame that employees are not encouraged to cycle to work and temporarily store their bikes at the workplace.
He said he had no issues if I were to get the green light with an approved paperwork from the big honcho.
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