Saturday, August 3, 2013

"A false sense of hope.."

Something is better than nothing.. 

Some months back, The Star did a feature story on some cyclists who were on a process of producing a road map for their fellow cyclists.
This is a commendable effort.
But when the newspaper had published a picture of their ring leader cycling a classic bicycle, something just don't add.
A friend of mine who runs a training service for cyclists both on and offroad said the dude should have worn a helmet.
So, I talked to the writer about this and was told that it was a "long story" and wearing a cycling helmet won't do much as it gives the cyclist "a sense of false hope".

An incident I won't forget...

I was involved in a road accident more than a decade ago.

A car hit me on my left side when I was riding a motorcycle on my way home and I was flung onto the opposite side of the road. 
I wore a Shoei full-face helmet and it saved my life.
The RM1,800 head protection gear was toast, I broke my left leg (class III compound fracture of the tibia and fibula), my hands were protected by gloves but my right arm suffered road burns and it took me more than a year to walk again without limping.
When we took up cycling, we didn't wear our helmets. 
Upon realizing that we were actually the odd ones out, I immediately invested on getting a cycling helmet for me and my wife.
Ever since, we never ride without our helmets.

It might be a painful lesson.. 

Maybe the dude has never fallen off his bike.

He might think that its not "cool" to wear head protection as it might give him a bad hair day.
But if he ever falls on the pavement and hit his head on the kerb can crack open his skull it would be too late to realize that helmets do make a difference.. 
Again, its his prerogative and seeing as it is, I think its just awful for people who think that they are setting a good example would forsake their personal safety on the road, citing "false hope".. That's just so wrong.. 
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