Friday, August 2, 2013

Cycle to work: The saga continues..

Guilty as charged! Samo and his boxed bikes in the office
People say stupid things..

There was a inter-department meeting for safety and security at the office.
One of the issues raised was bringing your child to the workplace.
This is a no-no and there has been cases where workers were reprimanded for having their kids at work.
While in the heat of discussion, a member of the committee said: "How about Sam Cheong and his bicycle? He brings it to work!".

As I probed deeper..

Last night, I spoke to one of the senior security guy.
He sat in the meeting and was aware of what the committee member had said.
On numerous occasions, I did cycle work.
I guess what became an "eye-poke" was the fact that I took delivery of two large bicycle boxes.
It was my Tern Eclipse bikes.  
I placed the bikes near my work place and transported it into my car for safekeeping. That was it.
On two other occasions, I rode to work on "World Car Free Day", which was basically an assignment.
The senior security dude was very understanding and on the basis of having a "Folding Bike" and the cost of each bikes, he knew that I wasn't about to leave it lying in front of the office or on basement 2 where a proposed motorcycle parking lane was mooted.
I also told the guy if I had left tire marks on the carpet, mud, black oil and other shit on the workplace, I am totally irresponsible.
But that was not the case.

A baseless accusation.. 

Like people who give half-assed comments, the committee member had also failed to realize that the bikes were brought into the office on work-related issues. 
And there were also occasions where I helped my co-workers to procure folding bikes and delivered them to the office.
This also includes two Tern Link D8s for Ah Wai Kor, the biggest honcho in the company.

Just give them some paperwork...

That said, I have to draught up some paperwork and get Ah Wai Kor to lay his signature to tell the asshat committee member to SHUT THE FUCK UP! for good...
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