Saturday, August 10, 2013

German A Kilo fork kit

If you have the money..

Thor USA is offering the German A Kilo fork kit for Dahon Jetstream P8 owners who wanted an upgrade.
Way it seems, the Jetstream P8 does have a disk brake mount on its rear chainstay and you can easily upgrade it. 
The only thing left to do, is to get a new hub to fix the disk brake rotor for the rear wheel.

The retail price is USD$666.00 (RM2,167.50) excluding freight charges.
I would say that its a real bargain considering the fact that German A does not sell their 20" Kilo suspension fork.
And the retail price alone is 1,000 Euros.
The only bicycle maker offering the Kilo for as an option is Bernd bicycles. Their folding bikes are customizable to include a front suspension. 
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