Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bigger and better bikes from Tern..

Good news for the Kaiju-sized cyclists..

The Node D7i, one sexy bike for the big fella!

Tern Bicycles had raised the bar again with the introduction of two new 24" bikes at the Eurobike 2013 show.
These new bikes are aimed at the commuter market and I think it would be really exciting as there are more choices in the 24" folding bike market.
One thing is for sure: if you have the "Circus Bear Syndrome" on riding a folding bike, this one is sure to alleviate your fears.
And like the smaller Terns, the Node folds really fast and is compact enough for you to lug it into the train and do some serious town-hopping and bikepacking! 
From the looks of it, the Node looks similar to Tern's successful Link D8 and P9's frame design.
As a matter of fact, this would be the Link-zilla that most big guys would appreciate having.
It can accommodate riders as tall as 6'5" at the maximum weight of 115kgs.

Node D7i

First on the line-up, is the new Node D7i.
Designed for tall and big people, the Node actually resembles Tern's ever popular Link D8 frame.
The Node D7i is packaged with an internal hub gear (7-speed, presumably a Nexus-7) and has all the bells and whistles which includes fenders, a dynamo hub with an integrated headlight and the award-winning seatpost pump.

Node D8


Node D8

D8s are popular here in Malaysia for its value for money and solid construction.
The Node D8 is a no-frills 24" bike with plenty to offer.
It will turn some heads with its nice colour scheme and this bike can be accessorized with Tern's portage rack, which is a real practical item on the bike in my humble opinion.

Samo's hope...

I would like to see a Node P9 and a Node S11i -- which I think, is not to far off. Since I am a great fan of the Link platform - especially the awesome Link P9, which is also presently the hottest 20" folding bike in Malaysia, I hope that Josh Hon and his team would consider a higher-end 24" bike like the Node P9 or P18 and the Node S11i. Or on the extreme end of the scale, a Node X10 and X20! Hahahha!!!

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