Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hulu Langat 20

Getting back in shape.. 

It was one of those rare days when we get the weekend off and that was just the right time to take our bikes out for a ride. 
Michelle suggested Hulu Langat and Pekan Bt 18 used to be our training ground.
We drove there on a Sunday and when we got to our usual parking spot, the area was packed to the brim with cyclists.

Setting out on the country road

As usual, we made our way up the Bt 18 - Kuala Kelawang/Semenyih junction.
Michelle found it a struggle to cycle along this path with the larger wheels.
She's been out of action for a while.
But slowly and surely we made it up the "Dead Man's Climb".

Ploughing through the undulating terrain
We took a short break at the junction which was already swarming with cyclists on their road bike.
At this point, Michelle said her back was acting up and that she was unsure of continuing the journey.
I told her that we could move as far as we could. And the ascend begins towards the Genting Peras Orang Asli village some 5km away..

Making our way up the infamous "Dead Man's Climb"
A curious kitty at the orang asli village..
With the 18-speed Tern Eclipse S18, it wasn't really hard cranking up the hills with gradients up to 13%.
We slowly made our way past the orang asli village and found a spot to stop over to adjust our bike's luggage.
A group of roadie whizzed by as we made our way to the last 5km uphill climb.
Barely a few hundred meters away, I guy on an MTB rode past. From his heavy breathing, I knew that he was struggling.
I told him that he's not too far away.

Reaching the end of the ride
MIchelle and me

Genting Peras
I have been cycling fairly a bit and had no issues climbing the course.
Genting Peras is a good place to ride and build your stamina if you haven't been on the saddle for a while.
The bonus part in this course was the downhill roll.
It took less than half the time going down than to ride up the Genting Peras.
We made our way back to the small town and caught up with an old friend Guan, a music composer who was riding his Brompton P6R folding bike.
At a coffee shop, we shared a table and indulge in a conversation before parting ways.
We clocked-in at 40km at the hill course and felt good because the bikes are ready for our next road trip..

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