Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Malaysian Foldie: Issue 12, August 2014

It's now live..

Cover of the magazine

Sample page on a personality feature
Issue 12, August 2014 is a milestone for The Malaysian Foldie. Thank you so much for your support.
This issue, we feature a Green Festive Ride, a chronicle on how we spent the Chinese New Year with our bicycles.
Interview with Bicycling Adventurer Thomas Lee. Issue 12 also features reviews on the Tern Verge P9, Schwalbe Marathon Supreme, Garmin EDGE200 and Spyderco Delica 4. Happy reading! 

A footnote.. 

Now, someone has been speculating in private that the personalities or cyclists were featured in The Malaysian Foldie without their consent. What an insane notion! As far as the interviews are concerned, it's legit. The groundwork was done. Only morons would come up with shit like that.

Why? Because in my last post, I took some potshots at several ungrateful people whom I have interviewed and some backyard activist/guerilla cyclist had made a fuss about this and invited his fellow nutjobs to chime in.

One thing that I've observed from the conversations is that some people are just obsessed with finding fault to tarnish their intended target's reputation. That said, why should I give a fuck if the accusations are baseless?

Goes to say that we should not encourage mentally-ill people to express their opinion as they would only end up making enemies in their head.

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