Saturday, August 16, 2014

Langkawi - Part 6

Good food, great company...

It's our last night in Kedawang before we head back to Kuah.
Marina took us to Padang Matsirat to try out a Gulai Kalut shop.
This is a place where the locals eat and we appreciate that.
Gulai Kalut is basically a spicy gravy dish where customers can select their choice of fish and vegetables.
This place is located near the Langkawi International Airport and for non-locals, one would never be able to find it as its not a touristy joint.
So, there we were, getting dinner cooked and having ulam (wild vegetables) for starters.

A selection of fresh seafood

Marina and Michelle

Ikan sembilang in Gulai 
For an obscure joint, the Gulai shop was packed.
We had a choice of fried fish and the only dish we had with gulai was the ikan sembilang (sea catfish).
I am a big fan of the catfish and the fare was pretty good.
And when it comes to our bill, I paid RM56 for dinner. That's inclusive of the takeaway order for Reuben.
I told Michelle that we should treat our hosts since they provided great hospitality.

After hour conversations..

I don't really know many of my wife's friends.
Those whom I've known, I don't really know them well enough to hold a conversation that lasted hours.
In the case of Marina, well, we got off pretty well. 
She invited us to have coffee at her home and since we don't have much to pack, we stayed on.
The coffee was good and I also got to learn more about our host for two nights.
Originally from the Klang Valley, Marina had relocated to Langkawi to start a new lease of life.
She said she was tired of the corporate lifestyle and all the high-society living bullshit.
I sense that she's very sincere about her thoughts and thanked her for having us over.

 Calling it a night..

We had the coffee and chatted till it's pretty late.

Michelle gave me the facial expression that it was time to retire and we went back to our little kampung house.
After plugging in my cellphone and setting the alarm, it was lights out.
Our plan the next day was to cycle to Kuah town and check-in at another homestay.

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