Saturday, August 16, 2014

Langkawi - Part 5

And now, the boring part... 

We rolled back to Jalan Teluk Yu and began cycling along the kampung road towards Teluk Ewah.
Along the way, there was a police road block.
This was meant for motorists flouting traffic rules.
I noticed that the cops had pulled over a group of tourists on a rented car.
Their offence? 
Well, for not wearing their seatbelts.
Further ahead, we came across a group of foreign dudes on their rented bicycles.
They were speeding and my guess is that they were headed to the cable car station.

The cable car and Gunung Mat Chincang

Rolling along Jalan Teluk Yu
Rolling along with an average speed of 15km/h, we cycled along the road that leads to a cement factory.
This facility provided ample employment to the residents on the island and it's been there since the 80s.
Cycling along Jalan Teluk Yu is like any other typical scene in the rural setting.
It was around mid-noon that I've decided to pull over at a roadside stall selling nasi campur.
I noticed that the owner is an elderly Chinese man and there were other customers packing their meals.
We had a simple lunch there and our bill came up to RM13.60. Pretty cheap considering the fact that my plate of rice was filled to the brim with vegetable, a piece of omelette and a piece of fried chicken.

My lunch

Relaxing at the roadside stall
Taking the scenic route...

Upon reaching Jalan Teluk Ewah, we made a turn to the right towards a Pantai Pasir Hitam.
This is one part of the island that is not too crowded.
The Langkawi Craft Complex is just nearby.
To get back to Padang Matsirat, we had to use Jalan Ulu Melaka.
This is quite an interesting route with an undulating terrain.
And if you want a nice view of the island, there's the Gunung Raya observatory.
We rode past the junction leading towards the area and headed straight to the Jalan Padang Matsirat junction.

Taking a breather at Jalan Ulu Melaka
I checked on my mobile device and noticed that we've deviated from our course.
We rode a little further to reconnect with the Padang Matsirat road. Only this time, we were further up the road before the junction along Jalan Kedawang.
I told Michelle upon reaching the Petronas station near Kedawang to head to the wholesale market to stock up on drinking water.
Alcoholic beverages are duty-free in Langkawi, so, we feasted on imported beers.
Since we rode for more than 64km, I thought it was best to celebrate by having a bottle of chilled ale.
We packed the drinks and headed back to Teratak Damai where we had a chance to rest a bit.

Our beautiful little kampung house

Even on a holiday, there's work to be done..

The administrative office in Teratak Damai

The flora

Our home away from home
A nice and chilled one!

With Mystic, the house cat.. 
Just chilling out..

We had time to kill, so, I took out the beer from the fridge and had it with some nuts.
That's the bliss about going on a holiday.
We missed our dogs but were glad that have some time out from work.
Later in the day, I had the chance to indulge in a conversation with Reuben, Marina's other half.
He runs a pharmacy near Cenang and had been living in Langkawi for more than five years.
Reuben's from Seremban and speaks fluent Malay with a Northern accent.
His ability to adapt was amazing.
I also found out that the man is a martial artist and had represented the country at a kickboxing tournament overseas.
We talked a bit while Marina showed Michelle around Teratak Damai.
Basically, the accommodation facility is a small setting with three houses for rent.
It's pretty well organized and the couple's target audience were overseas guests.
Since Reuben runs his business from 10am till late at night, he had to make his exit to oversee operations while Marina hosted us to a simple dinner..

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