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Cool beans from Tern Bicycles for 2015 - Part 1

Expect the unexpected...

Eurobike yielded some really cool bikes from Tern.
For 2015, a few new models will enter the Link, Verge, Node and Eclipse line-up. 
The head-turning bike was the revamped Verge X-20.
A new paint job, Kinetic X wheelset and top-end components made this bike a highly-sought after 20 foldie in its class.
I am going to break this down in two-parts. So, first, here are some really cool high-end stuff from Tern.. 

Faster and even more furious..

Tern also revamped its Verge X10. 
For 2015, a new colour is introduced: Lime Green.
This, in my humble opinion, appeals to those who want a performance bike which is only one notch under the Verge X-20.
The new X-10 has a completely revamped Kinetic-X wheelset and hubs.
What's amazing, is the styling.
No price was given as yet, but be prepared to fork out RM7k at the least.

Orange/White is still the trademarked colour of the Tern Verge X10

The new X-10 and its awesome colour scheme

Bye-bye X30h, enter the X18!

Tern discontinued their Verge X30h, a direct descendant of the Vector X27.
Frankly, I don't miss this bike.
And for 2015, Tern re-styled their fastest bike ever with a really kick-ass colour scheme and gave it an 18-speed drivetrain.
It figures because if you are a strong rider, perhaps in the class of an amateur athlete, you won't really need all that 30 gears on the bike.
For those with legs of steel, I think the 18-speed X18 would do the job chasing roadies on the trail.

Best, just got better: The Verge X18
Drop bar with road bike shifters

The front wheel with top-notched components

Kinetic Pro-X, setting new standards

VRO Syntace stem yields superb handling

Shimano Ultergra rear derailleur
I don't know if anyone in Malaysia will ever see the Tern Verge X-18, and price-wise, it would easily hit the five-figure mark. I am not surprised if the local distributor would not sell this bike due to lack of demand, but it will be interesting to see how things develop now that they only have one brand of folding bike from Taiwan to focus on.

The common man's Verge..

Tern's decision to 'down-scale' the Verge to a P9 (a "kit" bike for enthusiasts) and by introducing the Verge N8 ; practically a town bike with multi-modal commuting in mind, is a good move to get more people into cycling.
Based on its component package, the bike is more suited to more "mature" cyclists who do not want to spend money upgrading their bikes.
In short, the Verge P9 that was introduced this year was rather meant for the "young and restless", folks who want to pimp their bikes with high-end components to get the most out of it.
The Verge N8 would be an affordable bike for the beginner who demands for a solid bike that is there to provide some level of comfort and convenience on the road.

Link-series, ever endearing and still appealing...

Tern Link D-16
The Link-series bikes are coming into its fourth year.
We had a taste of the Link D-8 and the beginning was not a smooth affair.
A stop pin that breaks easily on the bike's handlebar latch was first of some teething issues and later there was a recall for defective frames. 
There were reported cases where a batch of bikes had sheared in half due to metal fatigue on the welded joints.
To make it good, Tern issued a voluntary recall and replaced the frames at no cost.
Five models: The Link P7i, Link P9, Link P24h, Link Uno, Link Uno/trolley rack were retired.
One of the most watched bike is the Link D-16.
This is one bike my friend Johnny Ng of My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama had hoped to sell.
I don't know if K2 Asia, the official distributor for Malaysia would even consider bringing in the Link D16, but it would be a sure bet especially when they are competing with the new Dahon distributor from Perak.
The Link D16 features a 16-speed drivetrain with deluxe components.


Tern's new E-bike: The E-Link

Tern ventured into the E-bike fray with introduction of its E-Link which is available in December this year.
It carries a pricetag of RM6.8k (excluding duty, sales tax, freight charges and GST) and I doubt it would be available in Malaysia.
The bike weights more than 12kgs and has a range of 50km on its electric motor and battery pack. It comes with a Shimano Nexus-8 drive train.

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