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Cool beans from Tern Bicycles for 2015 - Part 2

Big is beautiful..

The first bike that I reviewed from Tern Bicycles was the Tern Eclipse S11i.
It has a pricetag of RM7.7k and is perhaps one of the most elegant 24" bikes ever to hit our street.
One dealer actually said: "Ahhh, we don't have problem selling it, I've closed more than a dozen deals with this model.."
I find that hard to believe, coming from a guy who is barely in the business for a few years. But that's sales talk infused with false humility..
Anyway, jokes aside, I felt rather sad that the very bike that I tested and raved about so much was under appreciated.
Today, there is a 2011 Taiwan-made Tern Eclipse S11i in a dealership at Klang that seeks a new home. Hahahah!

The Eclipse S11i with a portage 24 rack
Something rather new..

Tern introduced the Eclipse P18L and the Node D16 to beef it their 24" line-up.
There's also a very elegant Eclipse Uno that is meant solely for the hipster.
Okay, let's take a look at the Eclipse P18L.
It's a departure from the minimalist Eclipse P18 that replaces the Eclipse P9.
The difference can be seen on the stem and steering system.
Instead of the VRO stem, Tern uses an Andros stem to integrate the Valo 2 headlight.
This 140-lumen light, from what I see in the official photo, might be battery-powered rather than being illuminated by a Biologic Joule 3 dynamo hub.

Eclipse P18L
Josh Hon of Tern once explained: "The Eclipse P18 is a budget version of the X20..", so, it's no surprise why it sold pretty well here in the Klang Valley.
I find it very appealing with its yellow/black (Bumblebee) and black/white (stormtrooper) colour scheme.
The P18L is packaged with front and rear fenders, making it rather "toned down".
By the looks of it, I can see that its meant for more mature cyclists who want a compact folding bike that gives plenty of comfort.
The Eclipse P18L answers to those who want to cycle to work with an option to engage in multi-modal commute.
With 2015 as deadline for the much-anticipated KL LRT line extension, the Eclipse P18L will fit in nicely.

Class, in it's element..

Tern Eclipse Uno

Tern's lifestyle advertisement shot

The Eclipse Uno in perspective
If the Tern Eclipse S11i is elegant, then the Eclipse Uno is one of the classiest 24" bike I've ever seen.
Well, it's just photos, I do hope to catch a glimpse of the bike up close and personal.
When this single-speed bike was introduced at Eurobike 2014, the Japanese went ga-ga over it.
And they are the first people to sink their claws on it. I don't envy them.
Even our neighbours across the causeway are people we envy. At the small island, they are getting the full range of 2015 Tern bikes.
Based on specs, the Eclipse Uno is a simple no-frills ride.
Price-wise, I would anticipate it to be around RM5k or more.

Node D16

For large people: The Node D16
The Node, riding alongside an Eclipse S18

Last year, two new 24" bikes were introduced.
They were the Node D8 and D7i.
One runs on the traditional chainring and cogwheel drivetrain and the other is powered by an internal hub.
The node, says Josh Hon, is meant for tall people.
Based on its sheer looks, the bike resembles a Link D8 on steroids.
And speaking of handling, it rides very well and solid.
Sadly, we won't see the Node here in Malaysia as there is little demand for the bike.
For 2015, Tern added a double chainring on the Node, giving it a 16-speed drivetrain. 
So, if you have hills to climb, it would be a piece of cake.

How will Tern fare in 2015 here?

Based on the brand's solid reputation, Tern is here to stay.
It's recognised that they have some of the best bikes on the 20" and 24" category and prices are really competitive.
With Dahon moving in with a new marketing strategy and other brands such as Pacific Cycle, Java, XDS, Trinx - trailing behind and a host of China-made folding bikes aggressively pushing its way in the market, Tern would have to do a bit more by raising awareness about their product.
At this point, K2 Asia is rather dormant, leaving it pretty much to their dealers to sell.
But that's not enough to move forward. Hopefully, we'll see the new bikes as they hit the shelves in January this year or by late June..

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