Monday, October 27, 2014

My Bicycle Shop Charity Ride 2014 - Part 02

The changing landscape of Old Klang Road..

A bridge crossing leading to Old Klang Road

Doing the headcount
Reaching the first home
Our destination was pusat jagaan kanak-kanak PKK in Old Klang Road.
Now, given the apparent danger of riding on this part of the city, I would think twice on moving around the area.
The roads have been widened to a four-lane carriageway and frankly, I was not too comfortable with children riding along for this event.
Mike, the ride leader asked if it's wise to use the overhead pedestrian bridge to get across to Overseas Union Garden.
That was the right thing to do.
The care centre is located in the heart of OUG and we had to take a ride behind Pearl Point Plaza.
I used to travel to this area in the mid-80s and could barely recognize some of the roads.
By 10:00am, we reached the care centre safely and were shown around.
This home houses some children who are physically and mentally handicapped.
The guys went on to set up the storage shelves while I waited for the process to be documented in photographs in stages.
At the centre, I met James Chen, a Siberian Husky owner whom I have lost contact for more than eight years.
He is a jack of all trades and is in the graphic design business. The man is responsible for designing the corporate identity of a high-end folding bike shop in Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

Setting up the storage shelves

Ah Fatt, Ricky, Ah Fatt Jr and Randy at work
Cikgu Chin handing over a treat to one of the boys at the centre

Mike getting a hug and a kiss from one of his benefactors

Taking shelter from the Sun.. (pix: MH Chye)
Touching moments.. 

I was watching the entire thing from a distance.
Them, a mentally disabled teenage boy took a piece of snack from Mike Kium, he returned with a hug and a kiss.
The moment was captured on camera.
Mike, despite looking nerdy with his park charm kai (white chicken) legs, is a man with a big heart. He continued to interact with the children while the rest constructed the shelves.
While the folks were hard at work, some cyclists rode down to a coffee shop nearby to fill their water bottles as well as to catch up on a late breakfast.
I joined my old kaki Swofinty Yik and Mr Cheng for some food and hydrated with some isotonic drinks.
The day was unbelievably hot and after a good fill and a great conversation, I made my way back to the care centre to continue documenting the process.
There, I sat down with Mr Chin, the ex-teacher and talked about his future touring rides.
As a cyclist, he's pretty accomplished. He said that he would one day pursue his dreams of cycling around the Karimun island in Indonesia.

One of the inhabitants at the car centre..
Adding the final touch to the completed storage shelves..
From the PKK II care centre, we rolled out towards another privately-funded centre just down the road.
There, a welcoming party awaits the cyclists.
A Lion dance troupe, finger food truck was among the highlights at the event.
The Sun was out in its full glory, sapping ever bit of our energy, but the enthusiastic folks who cycled all the way from Bandar Utama was not easy to deter.
Despite the heat, they waited patiently and as the drums started to roll, a simple ceremony began to usher the centre's guests and beneficiaries..

Rolling out to the other home.. 
An important guest..

Carried with pride: My Bicycle Shop's Flag!
The cyclists

Mission accomplished: Johnny is a happy man.. 
Doing what's right..

The cyclists spent some time at the centre with the children.
Some hung out at a children's playground, avoiding the strong rays of the Sun.
As soon as the simple ceremony ended, everyone was treated to food and beverage.
I took the cue to fill up my water bottle from a coffee shop nearby..

The Lion Dance troupe performing 

Guests treated to food (note the girl giving evil eye!)

Finger food

One for the road.. 
After the formalities were done, Johnny led the riders to another home before heading back to Bandar Utama.
We stopped by but were told that the children, some who are bed-ridden, were moved to another centre.
As the main sponsor for the event, Johnny left some goods in kind behind before we rode off towards Old Klang Road and Petaling Jaya..

At the last care centre

Albert and Johnny handing over goods in kind to the caretaker
Beginning the ride back to Bandar Utama..
My cue to break off from the main group..

We rode back towards Petaling Jaya Old Town and proceeded towards Jalan 223.
By this time of the day, some of the cyclists were already tired.
When we re-grouped near Assunta Hospital, the back-enders were still far behind.
And at the Jalan Templer intersection, Mike told me that he is going to lead the group onto the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
I told him that I am going to give a go at the opposite end, heading to Subang Jaya.
We parted ways as I waved the cyclists goodbye.
From there, I continued my ride and clocked in at 68.1km to reach the gate of my home.
It was a satisfying ride and knowing that the good deeds were performed without question had prompted Johnny to organize another ride next year..
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