Monday, October 6, 2014

Lerun Manhattan: For the budget conscious bicycle tourer

Cheap and decent..

Lerun Industries is a bicycle manufacturing company that is born and bred in Malaysia.
It's been around for a while and is now one of the big boys in distribution of branded bicycles around the country.
Recently, the company had introduced the "Manhattan" city/touring bike.
Basically, its a 700cc bicycle with a 2 x 8 drivetrain.
So, that said, you get 18-speeds on this bike that resembles a road bike from the 80s (the headset and stem is a classic reminder).

The Lerun Manhattan in a classic green frame
 Thank you globalisation!

If you think that Lerun's new city/touring bike is going to cost you your left kidney, you are in for a surprise.
China may be the source for this bike's country of manufacture, which keeps prices very competitive.
This bike is priced at RM1,250 and has all the trimmings of a classy city bike.
Just add racks and you are in business for a long-haul.
What's interesting is the fact that Lerun managed to keep its prices low for this chromoly-framed bike and at the same time, provide buyers with a decent entry-level groupset for the bike.

Lerun made this city bike very affordable

This is a no-frills bike
It's pretty basic, but is it enough?

The Manhattan is made with a set of cantilever brakes. 
These are old-school as far as a braking system is concerned. 
But, it's rather easy to adjust and tune when you are on the road. It's not as complicated as the V-brakes that you see on most trail bikes and city bikes.
To keep the cost low, Lerun uses the cheapest Shimano components for the bike.
If you intend to thrash it around, perhaps give touring a try and ditch the bike or pass it on to your younger brother, then you can consider having this bike.
Is this in any way, at par with other branded touring bikes? 
Well, let's put it this way: You are on a budget, you want to move, you don't want to sacrifice your spending, the Manhattan is just the bike for the job.
So, who should consider this bike? I'd say that if you are a first-time touring cyclist or need to travel in places that your bike is most likely to get stolen, then its definitely for you!
For a closer look, head to Rodalink stores around the Klang Valley.
But if you expect a "perfect" bike, the Manhattan may be rough around the edges.. 

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