Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soul of the Solo Warrior - Part 1

Joining the dots...

I've always been curious about the link between Subang Jaya and Jalan Kebun.
This is a passage to Banting and Jenjarom and I've explored at least one of the routes via Jalan Kebun.
That's roughly about a 15km detour into Kota Kemuning and looping back into the kampung road to Jenjarom.
Banting is roughly about 35km away from Subang Jaya via Kampung Lombong.
Such, is a route that caught my attention and I managed to get a few days off from work to carry out an exploration ride from Subang Jaya to Port Dickson.

The plan

On the first part of the ride, the task was to locate an underpass underneath the bridge linking Puchong and Shah Alam.
If I can find the linkage, I would cycle to Jenjarom via Jalan Kg Lombong which connects to Kg Kebun (this road leads directly into Klang town).
From Jenjarom, I will cycle towards Banting, Morib, Batu Laut, Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek, Sepang and Lukut.
The exercise is to go as far as I could in one day.

Murphy's Law...

There are times when you have had everything planned out, nature takes charge.
It rained for hours in the morning.
I waited until it died out and started rolling out towards Puchong.
My initial plan was to leave at 6am in the morning, gaining the time advantage.
But, I had to wait it out.
My kidz were getting restless as both parents are away.
Michelle, my wife was in Darwin, Australia, attending a conference.

The bike, all prepped for the ride

Rain. Spoils everything..
My dog is not enthusiastic about the ride
A treat for the girl...
USJ 26 - Morib

So, the journey begins.
I rolled out from home around 9am. 
Technically, I've lost about three hours of road time.
After crossing the bridge near the LDP toll, I realised that there is an underpass that links to Kg Lombong.
The road conditions were pretty bad as I slowly crawled my way towards Jalan Kebun.
While at it, I took a turn too early. 
I veered into Jalan Punai and reached a dead-end. 
Again, time-loss.
The right way was Jalan Pipit that leads to Jenjarom.
It took longer to reach Banting as I slowly inched my way towards Kanchong Darat.
At the Morib junction, there was a turning to Jalan Tali Air.
This saves me about seven kilometers.

Jalan Tali Air
Morib - Sepang

After being on the road for nearly three hours, I finally reached the outskirts of Morib.
In the distance was Batu Laut.
The area is mainly flat and as I slowly gained the mileage, the day became hotter.
Tanjung Sepat is the next town after Batu Laut and I've been here with my wife a couple of times.
At the outskirts of Tanjung Sepat, I made a brief stop to capture a shot of the road sign.

Tanjung Sepat

The road to Bagan Lalang
I continued to ride along toward Bagan Lalang.
So far, I've done three rides to this part of Selangor. The beach area around this place is really interesting.
While I was rolling along, a group of cyclists greeted me.
They were on the opposite side of the road.
I came across more as I slowly made my way towards Sungai Pelek.
The scenery form Tanjung Sepat to Sungai Pelek is very boring. I called it the "road to nowhere" as there's nothing in between both towns.
If you experience a flat or mechanical failure, this is the place that is going to sap your energy both mentally and physically.
By 2pm, I reached Sungai Pelek.
My tummy was growling and the first place I looked for, was a char koay teow shop in town.
There, I had my fill before pushing off towards Sepang..

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