Friday, October 10, 2014

Dahon's new bike bound for our shores in November..

A new distributor..

There's a company up North that has taken over the distribution of Dahon bikes in Peninsular Malaysia.
The announcement was made at Dahon's International Distributor's meeting recently. Lerun Industries, who did a decent job by introducing the folding bikes into Malaysia is no longer handling the brand.

Taking orders

I was at my regular bike shop and the owner had called me over.
He showed me a couple of new bikes on an e-catalog belonging to the new distributor's ipad.
On it, there are at least three new models that are bound to hit the shelves by next month.

Qix D8

The Qix D8

Dahon's Vertical-fold technology
This is based on the smaller 16" Eezz's folding technology and weighs around 12kgs.
The vertical fold tends to be more compact and there's a roller wheel on the bike's rear rack that allows you to cart the bike onto a train.
Based on specs, the delux model features Shimano Acera parts, which is apparent on this rear derailleur and its front shifter.
Dahon's Qix D8 is an 8-speed bike and pricing is estimated to be between RM2.5k - RM3k at the most. 

The fastest 24" Dahon - Ios D9

We'll see the 24" Dahon Ios S9 next month..

 Said to be a direct competitor of Tern's Eclipse 24" bikes, the Dahon Ios is actually the predecessor of the Eclipse. 
When it was first introduced in 2010, it won an award at the Eurobike show.
So, that said, with a little bit of tweaking, the bike has been around. 
Pricing is said to be around RM4.5k or more.

Briza D8 is said to be the most affordable 24" bike in Malaysia

The 24" bike with a price that many will envy.. 

At this point in time, there are at least two bikes in Dahon's 24 line-up known to mankind.
You've probably seen the Ios - XL and P9.
The Briza is not new. 

An older Dahon Briza
So, word had it that the new 24" Dahon Briza D8 is going to cost below RM2k.
This is absolutely insane if it's true.
My buddy, the bike shop owner said he felt that the bike is suitable for older cyclists who want the comfort of riding a compact bike without sacrificing performance.
At least five units of the Dahon Briza D8 is expected to hit the shelf by November.
I am pretty stocked to see what the Perak-based distributor has to offer.
Speaking bikes with smaller wheels like the 16-inch Dahon Curve i3 or D7, we are most unlikely to see them..

It is highly unlikely for us to see this Japan market Dahon Curve D7
Moving onto the folding bike fray is unfamiliar territory for the new distributor. They have zero experience in selling the bikes.
But Dahon needs no pushing here in the Klang Valley as they are pretty well-known. But like any other famous brands that gets no love from people who sell them, they are bound for oblivion..

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