Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Diffuser work for the MPE65 and MT24EX

A stinkbug shot with the twin flash diffuser - still plenty of work to get the flash setting correct..

I've been working a bit to improvise my lighting for my close-up photography.
To get a softer shade, I turn to macro photographer Kurt G who perfected his twin flash diffuser.
Its a simple D.I.Y. job with recyclable materials that you can find easily.
For the diffuser material, I managed to source for some foam sheets used to pack flat screen monitors from the IT department.
Now, I have a sackload of these and the challenge I face now, is to find some time to fabricate my diffuser.
I use a section from a mineral water bottle to produce a visor frame for the twin flash diffuser which is mounted on the lens adapter.
Cutting it was no easy task.
I realised that I only need a quarter from the diameter of the bottle and lined it up with two layers of foam sheets.
The visor length is shorter to provide a rigid, yet flexible frame for the diffuser foam.
Part of the foam protrudes and can be folded upwards to get past obstructions.
I tried it out and the results are encouraging.
Now, I need to work on a few of these and get it tested over the weekend.
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