Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My first lizard

The Green crested lizard

Brown shrub lizard

I've never shot a lizard up close and last week, I had the opportunity to do so. One was found perching on a twig and I wasted no time in capturing the facial feature of
the reptile.I later learned that it was a brown shrub lizard (Aphaniotis fucsa) and these scaly creatures can be found in large
numbers at the Sg Tua State Forest Park.Later, I found a crested green lizard (Bronchocela cristalletta) and managed to cap off a few shots on my Canon EF
MPE-65 macro lens.Well, I guess I'll have much more luck working with this critter on my Canon EF100mm
F2.8L IS macro lens for a full body shot and facial close-ups.

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