Thursday, June 24, 2010

Into the wild

You've got to hand it to Hollywood when it comes to dramatizing a true life and death story.Last night, I caught 'Into the wild' on Astro's movie channel.There's been a few write-up about this movie on 'Outside' and the 'Backpacker'.And the guy who wrote the book is no other than Jon Krakauer of the 'into thin air' fame. The author had chronicled the life and death of Christopher McCandeless in the 90s.McCandless remains was found in bus by a group of Moose hunters. This dude survived alone in the harsh Alaskan wilderness for 112 days. When his body was discovered, he weighed about 30kgs.The lead guy in this flick was played by Emile Hirsch. There's good acting and cinematography and well, for a film that ends in tragedy, its a
story that is well told.People would forget Chris McCandless for what ever reason and its the film that preserved
his memories.I urge you to catch this film if you really love drama and nature.
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