Monday, June 7, 2010

Predator and prey

2.5x close-up shot of the jumper with prey

Another angle focusing on its eyes

1x shot of the jumper with prey

Predator and prey shots are the holy grail quest for any nature photographer.In my case, that'll be spiders and frankly, I haven't gotten much since I've started taking
photos of spiders in various shapes and sizes.The quest for higher magnification had led me to procure the Canon EF MPE-65 macro
lens which is capable of giving 5x magnification.This the one lens that can do it all if you are shooting small objects.Jumping spiders falls into that category of bugs measuring 10mm and below.There are larger species that can fill up the whole frame, but majority of the jumpers are
small.I managed to cap off a few shots at Sg Tua and the results are satisfying!

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