Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mission: A new Scout Den

My old patrol with KF Chia and BK Yap

The Scout Den, before it was razed in a fire..
I received an email from an old friend.We were in the same troop back in secondary school and the clarion call was to assemble
a team to raise funds for construction of a new Scout Den at Victoria Institution.The facility was burned down some years back. Some of the best years in my life was spent in this place and as a former pupil of Victoria
Institution and a ex-Scout of the 2nd KL troop, I felt obliged to help.The issue had also brought a few old friends together where most of them are now
professionals. Our target is to raise a targeted sum and place it as contribution to the construction of a
new facility for the kids.Its good to know that some of these guys still care.
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